Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years
- Martha Maeda

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MMEPL was set up as a greenfield venture in 2009, with the purpose of providing clean and affordable power solutions in markets where the group has been historically active on.

We develop, build, own and operate utility and industrial scale solar energy projects, as well as distributed solar systems. Today we operate four utility scale projects spread across four states in India, with the view at increasing the total installed capacity to 100 MW across India and Sri Lanka in the next 12 months.

In 10 years, we have put in place a long-term strategy to specialise and develop renewable energy assets inhouse. We are at the forefront of the solar transformation, having competed in multiple public tenders in India and Sri Lanka. This has enabled us to continue to scale up with the market, as well as onboarding a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and tailwinds. Our team of professionals continue to be at the forefront of a rapidly developing renewables power market globally.

Overtime, we have focused our efforts in socially sustainable and clean energies, particularly those projects targeting low income geographies where impact on economic and social welfare would be the highest. This is a core focus of MMEPL along with a wide range of social initiatives going beyond positive solar externalities.


At MMEPL, we are passionate about contributing to a sustainable and CO2 free world which does not depend solely on power from fossil fuels. We aim to accelerate the transition and adoption of solar technology across the world and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.

We maintain a lean, versatile and flat structure, allowing us to serve our stakeholders with utmost precision, trust, respect and integrity. As the company continues to grow in scale and human resources, we strive to deliver exceptional solar projects.


We are targeting to achieve 750 MW of capacity by 2025, whilst driving forward UN Sustainability Development Goals by targeting the areas most in need of renewable energy sources.

Our continued scaling will allow us to evolve our solar power assets and assist the markets in which we operate, progress towards a cleaner energy environment.


SAARC Region: Focus countries include India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

ASEAN Region: Focus countries include Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia